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From AdvisorGrid.com

Harness The Lead Generating Power Of The Internet

Use Email, Facebook, Google pay-per-click and other media to attract visitors to your Lead Funnel website.

People will come because your site is full of videos, webinars and other educational content that provides an easy way to learn about retirement strategies.

Become The Trusted Advisor

Before Your First Face-to-Face Meeting

The focus is on you because your Lead Funnel website is personalized with your photo, bio and contact information.

Because of the resources on your website, you’re helping prospects become better educated on:

  • IRA, 401k and FIAs

  • Taxes in Retirement

  • Social Security

  • Medicare

Automations move prospects along the funnel until they request one of your personalized reports on Social Security Maximization, Retirement Analysis or Medicare Quote Report.

This will be the best time to contact them for a face-to-face meeting.

Video Courses For Your
Lead Funnel Visitors

Prospects prefer watching videos so your Lead Funnel’s retirement courses are the perfect lead magnet.

View Videos

Recorded Webinars Available
For Your Site Visitors 24/7

Prospects get dozens of library and dinner seminar invitations every week. They want to learn but would prefer doing it when and where it is most convenient for them.

That’s great because your Lead Funnel site contains, recorded webinars (45-min, avg.) are the perfect way for prospects to learn important retirement planning strategies, any time, from the comfort of their home.

View Webinars

Live Local Workshops

If you do live seminars and workshops, our Lead Funnel website “COMPLETE” option includes a built in events calendar. Not only is it easy to post upcoming events, your website visitors can RSVP directly from the embedded calendar.

Plus, you get four complete and fully scripted PowerPoint presentations and access to printed attendee workbooks.

Visitors to your website may initial come to watch videos or webinars and later decide to attend one or your local events.

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How Many “Touches” Does It Take
To Make A Sale?

Market research continuously proves the obvious:  a person needs to know you, your reputation, and your product or service before he/she is willing to make a purchase.  Building visibility, familiarity and a positive reputation takes time and a series of memorable contacts.  How many contacts (or “touches”) it takes depends on many factors, but the truth is, the sales process is exactly that – a process.

The best way to attract prospects and built trust is by helping them become better educated on the topics and strategies that will have that greatest impact on their future retirement security.

With all of the educational resources included on your Lead Funnel website, you have powerful ways to effectively use the internet and social media to attract qualified prospects.

As visitors engage with your content they become more familiar with you.

As they return to your site to watch more videos or webinars, or attend your live events trust is built and prospects move down your Lead Funnel.

When the time some of these prospects might request one of the free personalized reports that your Lead Funnel website offers. And now will be the best time to encourage them to meet with you face to face.

What is the difference between a regular website and a Lead Funnel website site?2020-02-25T20:28:36+00:00

Lead Funnel is a website and lead generation funnel combined.
It was created so that agents and advisors like you, who aren’t website builders or programmers, can use the power of the internet to generate leads and grow their business.

How will my site be personalized?2020-02-25T20:29:31+00:00

We use your photos, logo, bio and contact information to completely personalize your site with your identity so that you are the star.

Can I use my own domain name for my Lead Funnel website address / URL?2020-02-25T20:34:45+00:00

Absolutely! If you have purchased or intend to buy a domain name from GoDaddy or any other provider, that is the address we will use when we set up your Lead Funnel website.

Do I need to install or set up anything?2020-02-25T20:40:28+00:00

No! We do it all for you!

How long does it take?2020-02-25T20:41:26+00:00

Your site will be fully functional with 30 days.

How do I get leads from my site?2020-02-25T20:42:09+00:00

When visitors submit any opt-in form to watch videos, webinars or request a personalized analysis, you are automatically emailed their contact information.

Do run my Facebook, Social Media campaigns or do anything to promote my Lead Funnel website?2020-02-25T20:59:44+00:00

No. How you promote your site is entirely up to you. If you need help running social media ad campaigns, we suggest that you look for an experienced freelancer to create and run your campaigns. There are thousands of them listed on websites like Fiverr.com. Take a look. Go to Fiverr.com and enter a search terms such as Facebook Marketing or Social Media Marketing.

What is the difference between your CORE and COMPLETE options?2020-02-25T21:12:07+00:00

The COMPLETE option is for advisors who do (or want to do) live workshop events. It comes with our built-in event scheduling calendar. Not only is it easy to manage your events, visitors can RSVP directly from your calendar.

Are there any extra or hidden costs?2020-02-25T22:14:10+00:00

Nope! Just our regular $360 setup and the monthly of either $60 for the CORE option or $90 for COMPLETE. (Note that we do waive the $360 setup when you pay annually.)

How long is your contract?2020-02-25T22:23:56+00:00

There are NO long term contracts or commitments. You can use your Lead Funnel website month to month, and cancel at any time you’d like!

If I don’t like my Lead Funnel website, how do I cancel?2020-02-25T22:24:42+00:00

Simply login to your account, click on your account settings and click “cancel my account”. No need to call, email, or talk to anyone!

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