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This FREE six slide set is for you if want to warn clients about the dangers of relying on 100% taxable IRAs and 401ks to support their future retirement security.

According to a recent Gallop poll, four in 10 American’s embrace some form of socialism.

If there was a 50% chance that your clients would experience a 50% tax rate in retirement, would you make different planning recommendations?

My belief is that the chances are greater than 50% that in the next 20 years, average Americans will find themselves taxed at a rate of 50% or more. But that is only my opinion.

Start with slide one and ask a simple question. “When you look at the balance in your IRA, who does that money belong to?”

Then use the remaining slides to educate your clients by explaining that Uncle Sam is their partner because they took a tax deduction when they made their contributions.

Get them to understand that Uncle Sam owns whatever percentage he needs to pay “his” future bills. Uncle Sam can change that percentage anytime he wants. That’s the deal they make with every contribution.

If their tax rates are lower when they retire, they made a great deal! But, how good is that deal if the client’s future tax rates go up?

The two bar charts on slide five shows the impact of taxation on two retirement accounts. The one at the top of the slide would be of the withdrawals were income tax free. The bottom one, if the withdrawals were taxable.

No one is telling your clients this truth. Unless you do.

These free slides will help you to get them to understand their potential retirement predicament.

Download them now. They are free! Really!!!!