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With this slide set you will show your clients the strategy of using an annuity to provide guaranteed income to pay essential living expenses. The objective is to allocate as little of a person’s retirement savings to an annuity but still have it generate enough income to pay monthly bills. Any additional funds can then be invested for growth. If these investments don’t perform, the clients still has the peace of mind that comes in knowing they will have what they need.

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The Synergy Effect – The Advisor’s Guide: Increase Social Security while slashing taxes and risk through a strategic combination of Index ULs, Annuities & Roth IRAs to increase spendable retirement income the way traditional planning can’t

by Doug Warren, CLU            Paperback Print Copy

Traditional financial planning simply doesn’t address how the world has changed, and in fact, continues to reject the only products and methods that have a chance of providing tax-advantaged permanent income. Only the life insurance and annuity professional who fully understands these products, plus Roth-IRA conversions, and the profound impact they can have on reducing Social Security taxation and boosting spendable income can do the job that millions of baby boomers need done. Read this book and you will learn about an innovative, integrated strategy that will make the insurance and annuity professional the most important member of the retirement planning team.

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BUCKETS OF LEADS – The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Facebook – 107 illustrations and 169 pages of examples and step-by-step instructions.

by Doug Warren, CLU            Paperback Print Copy

Discover how to unleash the power of Facebook advertising to generate leads and promote attendance to your workshops. Why pay hundreds of dollars for leads that others use Facebook to generate? You’ll learn how to generate your own leads in this step-by-step guide, written specifically for insurance agents and financial advisors.

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Indexed Universal Life Unleashed: The book that rattled retirement funding forever! The agent’s complete guide to unleashing the power of the greatest wealth accumulation vehicle of our time.

by Doug Warren, CLU            Paperback Print Copy

This book simplifies complex strategies to show you how to unleash the wealth building power of indexed universal life insurance to help your clients enjoy the retirement with dignity they deserve. It’s all here and more in a 168 page quick read that gets you up to speed fast and gives you the confidence to start showing your clients why IULs just might be the perfect product for our uncertain times.

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  • BUCKETS OF LEADS – The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Facebook 

  • The Synergy Effect – The Advisor’s Guide

  • Indexed Universal Life Unleashed – The book that rattled retirement funding forever!

  • How to Avoid a High Wire Retirement

  • The Great Roth IRA Rush

  • Advanced Annuity Strategies