Presentation is Everything

How do your clients perceive you? Having presentation folders and other marketing material branding with your name, logo and business identity can send a powerful message about your firm.

In the past, the problem was that paying someone to develop and print these items typically cost a small fortune.

But now, by downloading our free templates and following the included instructions, you’ll be able to find vendors who will personalize them with your identity and print them for a fraction of what you would otherwise pay.

And best of all, our folder templates are FREE!

About our folder templates

All of our templates are designed to be printed as a standard letter size 9.5” X 12” folder (when closed) with a 4” interior pocket on both sides. But it is very easy to modify the template in a number of ways to remove pockets, add slits for business card holders, and make other changes.

How to use our folder templates

Our folder templates are created using Adobe Photoshop.  This is a standard program in use by most desktop publishers and printers.

In order to open the file, you will need to have Photoshop installed on your computer.

The intention is that you will provide the template to someone with desktop publishing experience to make the appropriate changes such as inserting your name, logo, address and any text.

You can find freelancers with Photoshop experience on websites such as  Just type the term “Photoshop” in the search bar and you will find thousands of listings.

Since the template already contains the design, the amount of work the freelancer will need to do is limited and the charges should be modest.

Another option might be to ask the vendor you choose to do the printing to make the necessary changes. Again, the charges should be small or they might do this for free in order to get the print job.

You can find many printers with competitive prices on the internet.

Try using search terms such as:

  • presentation folder printing
  • short run folder printing
  • no minimum folder printing

Before printing

When selecting a freelancer to modify the template, pick someone with experience if preparing files for 4-color printing. Desktop publishers who only work with online images and text may not know the different requirements to insure quality printing results.

Obtain samples from the printer in order to review the paper stock, coating, folder construction and quality of the printing.

Obtain .PDF proof and carefully review it to ensure that spelling, grammar and all other the details are correct.

Licensing images for use

The folder template contains images that were obtained from and are for demonstration purposes only.

Before you can use these images you must purchase a license and download them from

Currently the cost of licensing two images is only $29.

Within the download file(s) you will find links to the Shutterstock webpage where you can purchase the specific images used in the template.

In order to print properly, images must be at least 300 dpi when printed at 100% size.

Again, a freelancer experienced with printing or the vendor you choose to do the printing should be able to easily help you with the proper preparation of your folder file.