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The focus of this 12-slide set is on the amount of liquidity a client might want and need.

This is an important topic to discuss with any client who might be considering the purchase of a fixed indexed annuity. A common objection to these products is the time commitment they involve.  It can help to overcome this objection when people realize that liquidity has a cost in the form of either low interest rates (short-term bank accounts) or increased risk (stock market investments). FIAs have the potential to provide greater returns, without risk of loss but they do require a time commitment.  This slide set helps make these important points.

These slides compliment the article that was posted on 1/24/20.

This slide set is broken into three parts.  Today’s download contains the first two slides.  We will post the remaining six slides over the next two days.

Download them now, take a look, and edit them to make it your own.

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