In this article you will see how easy and cheap it can be to get a great logo from top designers for your practices.

A great logo starts with a great design. And for that you need a great graphics designer. But one can cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

But there is a low cost alternative that is almost as good. The internet is full of pre-done logo template designs, many produced by top graphic artists that can be licensed on a non-exclusive usage basis for as little as $15.

While it is true that someone else could also license the use of the exact same design, the question is, do you really care? If you do then you will have to pay a lot more to have a logo designed exclusively for your use.

The easiest place to find thousands of designs is at It contains one of the internet’s largest library of stock images, included tens of thousands of logos. But what really makes them a great resource is the ease at which you can use their search field to sort through their library to get just the logo you are looking for.

If you are not sure where to begin with picking a design, you might want to start with your name. Most advisors operate using a DBA that involves their name. For example, Warren Advisory Group, Johnson Financial and Insurance Services or Blackstone Wealth Management.

Take the first letter in the firm name and do a search for a logo based on that letter.

When I entered “Logos with the letter W” in the Shutterstock search field, the site came up with over 1,000 logos designed around that letter. There were over 1,500 designs for the letter “B”.

Many of these designs have places where tag lines and your full company name can be entered.

However, unless you know something about graphic design and have access to a program like Photoshop, you will be better off having a professional make these changes for you.

For this you can easily turn to This is a great resource to find freelancers willing to help out on just about any project, including hundreds of graphic artists.

Many advertise that they will design a logo for you for $20 to $100. This might be a good option, but in my experience the pre-done logos at Shutterstock are of higher quality.

You should be able to easily find someone on Fiverr who will take your Shutterstock logo and use it to format a business card and stationary that includes your company name, email, phone number, etc.

You’ll end up with some branding that will rival that of major corporations for a total outlay that should be under $25.